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Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5: The confirmed cars

GT7 is shaping up to be full of amazing cars as usual, and we can't wait to see them on PS5.

Gran Turismo 7
Lots of good stuff on display.
Screenshot by CNET

Let's cut to the chase. Social Media Producer Daniel Golson and I scoured the Gran Turismo 7 reveal for each and every car we could confirm and identify. Because we're nerds, and after all, the stars of the upcoming PlayStation 5 title are the cars.

During the very brief trailer and in-game footage we received during Sony's livestreamed event for some of the upcoming PS5 games, we spied a total of 22 cars, but obviously we'll be treated to way more as we learn additional information about the return of "the real driving simulator."

In alphabetical order, here are the cars we spotted during the announcement. There could be more we didn't catch, and a few more obscure ones are just on the tips of our tongues. So, if you happen to spot more, fire away in the comment section.

It's safe to assume any car shown in GT3 form will also appear as a standard street car in the game, too.

GT7 marks a shift back to the franchise's standard form following Gran Turismo Sport. The PS4, in fact, did not receive a traditional Gran Turismo title during its life cycle. GT Sport was meant to highlight racing and esports, but GT7 will include a traditional campaign mode. We even caught a glimpse of main screen complete with fan favorites like the used car lot and a tuning parts store.

It's not clear if GT7 will launch alongside the PS5 this holiday season, but boy, it's good to know the franchise is ready for its next numbered installment.

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