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Rory Reid/CNET

Gran Turismo 5 gamers compete for real-life racing job in GT Academy

CNET UK editor Rory Reid visits the Gran Turismo 5 academy at Silverstone.

Gran Turismo 5 Academy
Rory Reid/CNET

"You're not man enough!" barks a former SAS marine. "Throw your face in the dirt and crawl you little f*****!" These gentle words of encouragement aren't aimed at a young soldier, but at Phil Arscott, a 21-year-old student from Portland, Oregon, who's been flown to the UK for the finals of the inaugural American GT Academy.

The academy, now in its third year globally, is a competition that finds the best Gran Turismo 5 players from across participating countries and pits the final 16 head to head in real race cars in front of experienced judges. The person adjudged to have the most natural talent and potential to succeed lands the right to drive a racing car for a professional racing team. The losers walk away with nothing.

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