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Got a stack of tickets in your glovebox? You may find a Barnacle stuck to your car

This boot replacement attaches to the windshield with industrial-spec suction cups and can be removed immediately after payment.


The parking boot is a pretty ancient technology by today's standards. It's big, clunky and requires people to show up and remove it. There's bound to be a better way, right? According to the company behind The Barnacle, there is.

The Barnacle utilizes industrial-grade suction cups to adhere to a windshield, blocking a driver's view and showing them why, exactly, a giant yellow thing is in their field of vision. After paying the fine, the local constabulary will give the driver a code so The Barnacle can be removed and later returned to a central location.

It provides several benefits, according to the company's hilarious promotional video. At the least, it makes it easier to tow a car once the Barnacle's been applied. We're trying to see if we can get some hands-on time with the product, which should make for a fun video.