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Gordon Murray announces new car project, complete with teaser

The legendary designer who brought us the iconic McLaren F1 has announced his intention of bringing us a new sports car.

Gordon Murray, the man behind some of the most legendary Formula 1 cars and the iconic McLaren F1, announced his next automotive venture at the opening of One Formula, an exhibition of a large collection of the cars he has had a hand in building over the years.

Presently, Murray's efforts are being poured into iStream, an automotive production system that aims to allow for maximum rigidity, safety and weight saving. This same system is being used on the upcoming TVR Griffith.

In the hope that more manufacturers will take note of iStream, and its new performance variant, iStream Superlight, Murray has launched a new automotive company, Gordon Murray Automotive, that will produce limited-run cars that show off the full capability of this production system.

At this point, what we don't know about the car far outweighs what we do know.


These are going to be made and sold in extremely limited numbers under the resurrected IGM brand name.

Information is very light on what these new cars will be. At a press conference today, all the information that Murray would reveal was that it would be a sports car and that will be a "return to the design and engineering principles that have made the McLaren F1 such an icon."

Although the car will be built with the latest manufacturing materials and techniques, it will deliver an old-school level of driver engagement and fun, he said. Nothing is known about what kind of power train we could expect, but Murray did say some "exciting" possibilities are being explored. A timeline for when we might find out more is also lacking.

When, and indeed if, we see this new IGM car, we can only hope to generates even a fraction of the excitement we all had when we first saw the McLaren F1. Although IGM isn't looking to take on the likes of Ferrari or indeed McLaren, it's a very exciting prospect to have a new car from the mind of Gordon Murray to lust after.