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GoPro Hero camera is simple, yet effective

Small and easy to place nearly anywhere on a vehicle, the GoPro Hero Motorsports Wide is an extremely cost-effective way to document your high-speed hijinx; just make sure to buy your batteries in bulk.

Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

The GoPro Hero Motorsports Wide is a vehicle-mounted camera system that lets enthusiasts' quickly record video and take still photographs of a vehicle in motion.

We got our first look at the GoPro system at SEMA 2008. The system consists of a camera, a waterproof and shockproof housing, and an assortment of mounting hardware, including a large suction cup.

The GoPro Hero immediately won me over with its simplicity and value. I had an absolute blast finding interesting mounting locations for testing on various vehicles. I even took it on a cross-country road trip where, sadly, the only thing I ended up recording was hours of driving in a straight line.

However, once the shine had worn off, I had to acknowledge the Hero's thirst for batteries as its Achilles' heel.

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