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Google Maps now offers detailed info on EV chargers

Not every network is supported, but most of the big ones are.

Google Maps screencap

Electrified cars usually let you search for charging points through the infotainment system, but that same information was a bit tougher to find from third-party solutions like Google Maps. Now, Google's done something about it.

Google announced today that it has added detailed information on EV chargers to Google Maps. Searching for "EV charging" or "EV charging stations" will now bring up all the supported charging stations in a user's area, and it includes detailed information like the number of charging ports, what kind of charging ports they are and what business has the charging station in its lot.

Users will be able to supply their own information, too. The general public will be allowed to upload photos and leave both ratings and reviews for every charging station. So, if one is located in a less than savory area, or it regularly stops working, owners will be able to find a more suitable charging location.

Google Maps doesn't support every charging station known to man, but it covers most of the big networks, but it changes in each market. Globally, Google Maps has information for Tesla and ChargePoint. In the US, that grows to include Blink, EVgo and SemaConnect. In the UK, there's information for Chargemaster and Pod Point. Hopefully others like Ionity and Electrify America will be added in time.

Users will need to update their apps before being able to use this new feature. The update is available on iOS and Android today, and it will roll out to desktop users "in the coming weeks." Between this and its newfound availability in Apple CarPlay, it's been a good couple of months for Google Maps users.