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Good Guy Elon Musk fixes hero's Tesla Model S for free

After a German driver dinged up his ride stopping another vehicle with an unconscious driver behind the wheel, the CEO offered to pick up the bill.


Elon Musk is far from one of those hands-off CEO types. In a shrewd PR move, the owner of Tesla took to Twitter to cover the repair costs for a Model S used in a rather heroic way.

Yesterday in Germany, a man used his Tesla Model S to bring an out-of-control car to a stop. When Manfred Kick noticed a Volkswagen driver had lost consciousness behind the wheel he used his own EV to slow the VW down to a stop so emergency services could tend to the unconscious man. The Tesla sustained a bit of rear-end damage around the lower corner of the bumper.

Musk took to Twitter afterward to not only congratulate the brave driver, but also offered to pay his repair bill. Not only will the repair be free, it will be "expedited," which means the car will likely move to the front of the priority order at the local Tesla service facility.

The generous offer came soon after Musk tweeted -- then deleted -- criticism of President Trump's immigration ban, a continuing source of trouble for the entrepreneur, who sits on the president's economic advisory council.

The damage is estimated around €10,000 ($10,670), a drop in the bucket for the billionaire. Whether it comes out of his own budget (less likely) or Tesla's PR budget (more likely), it's a nice move on Musk's part to recognize heroism. That said, I wouldn't exactly expect other CEOs to offer the same services if you go out and do the same.

(Tip of the hat to our friends at Jalopnik.)