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Going on a surfing safari with the TomTom GO 720

Miss Direction starts a road trip from San Francisco to San Diego using the TomTom Go 720.

So I've decided to take my Labor Day Weekend trip a week earlier, and I'm hitting the road tomorrow to head down to Carlsbad, California. My friend Kristen just moved there with her fiance Mike, so I'm going to visit their new crib and hit the waves at Tamarack and Moonlight Beach (you've been warned San Diego surfers; steer clear of the girl with the yellow surfboard). I'm looking forward to paddling out in warmer waters, enjoying the sunshine, and good times with friends.

I'm also looking forward to the drive down there itself. I love taking road trips, but since becoming a "responsible adult" (whatever), I haven't been able to get out as much, so this is a nice treat. And guess what happened to arrive on my desk this week? The TomTom GO 720. Talk about perfect timing. Yes, the latest in-car GPS device from TomTom is coming with me as my navigator so I can test out the new features and performance. I'll be keeping a diary of my trip so you can check in and read about my experiences with the system. But before I hit the road, anyone have any recommendations as to fun or offbeat towns or sights I should peep while on my journey? I figure I'll take I-5 this time around; as much as I love taking Highway 1 down the coast, it's just a short weekend jaunt so I want to maximize my time. Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts below.