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GO your own way: LA Auto Show adds floor space for personal mobility

Efficient, new age transportation isn't limited to electric and autonomous cars.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
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Mobility takes many forms. Sometimes, all you need is something capable of taking you a few miles, and a car's quite the expensive tool for that job alone. The Los Angeles Auto Show recognizes this, and as part of its effort to expand beyond just cars, it's creating floor space for all forms of personal mobility.

Starting with this year's show in November, which kicks off with AutoMobility LA (formerly known as the press and trade days), the LA Auto Show will have a new component called GO. It's meant to display mobility products that go beyond cars. If you're into electric scooters, skateboards or whatever Honda's wacky Uni-Cub is, GO will be right up your alley.

It's not limited to the press and trade days, either. GO will remain open for the entire public run of the LA Auto Show, which takes place between November 18 and 27. There'll be virtual-reality demonstrations, and show goers should have the ability to take a few of these devices for a spin.

LA Auto Show

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We've already seen the tech and autos industry colliding in similar ways. The Consumer Electronics Show was practically a semi-auto-show this past year, as GM used that event to debut its all-electric Bolt, despite the Detroit Auto Show taking place just a week after CES. Other auto shows are also expanding beyond the traditional methods of travel -- for instance, Detroit is adding AutoMobili-D, which will showcase companies' visions for the future of mobility.

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