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GM's eBay plans include dealers

Automotive News reports on GM's plans to sell new cars on eBay.

Automotive News

Automotive News

When General Motors said two weeks ago that it was working on a plan to put new vehicles on eBay, the automaker quickly assured dealers that they still will do the selling.

In other words, GM says it has no intention of bending state franchise laws and selling directly to consumers.

CEO Fritz Henderson revealed the plan July 10 during a press conference when the automaker emerged from U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

GM dealers already sell certified used vehicles on eBay with the familiar presentation: a photo, brief description, number of bids, Buy It Now price and time left in auction.

GM spokesman John McDonald says details are being worked out with eBay for how new vehicles will be presented. He labels it an experiment that will start in California, probably this summer.

"We see this as a lead generator for dealers," he says. "It will expose dealers' new-vehicle inventory to a wide audience."

(Source: Automotive News)