GMC Hummer EV will use Fortnite's gaming platform: Epic's Unreal Engine

Epic Games' Unreal Engine will power the electric truck's infotainment with its newly revealed human-machine interface.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski

What does upcoming electric Hummer EV pickup have to do with Fortnite? We're so glad you (probably) didn't ask, and I will gladly explain the connection based on today's announcement. Epic Games announced Wednesday the Hummer EV will be the first vehicle to house its human-machine interface based on its Unreal Engine. So, yes, there will be a little bit of Fortnite power in every Hummer EV.

The Unreal Engine-based interface will directly power the Hummer EV's digital cockpit, which we got a very short look at in a recent teaser video for the electric truck. The new HMI supports, notably, the Qualcomm Snapdragon automotive platform, but Epic Games is actively working to integrate BlackBerry QNX and Mapbox for even greater support.

Overall, Epic said the HMI is incredibly design driven and provides an incredible amount of flexibility for automakers, and even future owners. The video above shows how drivers can use downloadable content to totally change the interfaces and customize a digital cockpit to their liking. That should play very well with a younger group of car buyers.

How GMC used the new HMI for the Hummer EV remains to be seen, but it sounds like the possibilities are endless. Epic promised to tell us more about the system when the electric pickup debuts on Oct. 20, and we're sure GMC will have a lot more to say about the digital cockpit and infotainment then, too.

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