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GMC Hummer EV pickup weighs more than an original H1

The specs don't lie, and no, the truck isn't made of depleted uranium.

A portly truck, no question.

If you thought the GMC Hummer EV pickup was going to be one heavy dude, you thought correctly. Just how heavy the hulking truck is may surprise you. On Tuesday we learned its official weight: 9,046 pounds. It feels very on-brand, since the OG Hummer H1 weighed in at 8,113 pounds.

GM Trucks first reported on the figure and a GMC spokesperson confirmed the information with Roadshow. They added the weight is specific to the Hummer EV's launch trim, the Edition 1. That's the self-proclaimed "super truck" with 1,000 horsepower and nearly every single option GMC plans to offer on the electric truck. 

And if you didn't already know, batteries weigh a lot. Like, a lot. Considering GMC estimates it will do at least 350 miles on a full charge, we're talking about a enormous battery pack that's likely contributing much of the heft. Not to mention, the Hummer EV pickup is, battery or not, a giant vehicle. It measures 217 inches long and 87 inches wide -- about eight inches wider than a Silverado.

Still, hefty or not, this will be a zero-emissions vehicles with not a single puff of carbon emitted from the beastly off-road machine. The first Edition 1 trucks will launch at the low, low price of $112,595 after destination this fall. Don't fret because cheaper (I'm playing fast and loose with that word) versions will come through 2023, starting at $79,995.

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