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Hummer EV 'Crab Mode' teased by GMC

This could be Hummer's answer to Rivian's very cool looking Tank Turn ability.

Hummer EV Crab Mode badge
Here comes the Hummer EV's Crab Mode.

The GMC Hummer EV will have claws. No, not really, but with the latest teaser for the electric pickup truck, it sounds like the brand is ready to talk more about what the heck "Crab Mode" really is. In a teaser published to Twitter on Thursday, the brand showed off a Hummer EV badge surrounded with a mechanical-looking crab. This seems pretty odd on the surface, but if you recall, GMC briefly mentioned its brawny new EV will feature Crab Mode in the past.

While it didn't give us a whole lot then, we believe it should give the Hummer EV basically the same kind of ability as the Rivian R1T and R1S' Tank Turn mode. With four electric motors capable of sending power in different directions at the same time, drivers should be able to pivot the truck on its own axis, a lot like how a tank's tracks work. This creates some very rad donut action and should provide for a lot of fun off-road. It should also let drivers maneuver tight trails off-road with ease if you find yourself pinned down by large rocks and trees.

But of course, that's that's Rivian's system. How GMC's reborn Hummer will differ -- or improve upon the idea -- remains to be seen. According to a Fox News Autos report earlier this summer, Crab Mode may actually use four-wheel steering to provide the truck with a "side step" sort of motion, much like a crab. Perhaps it will combine with opposite-phase motor power. We simply don't know yet. All GMC said of the teaser in the tweet is "Real revolutionaries forge their own direction."

We'll likely learn a lot more about Crab Mode and the Hummer EV in the weeks to come. After delaying the pickup's debut earlier this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, General Motors said we'll see the vehicle this fall. Production will start in fall of 2021.

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