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GMC developing a second all-electric pickup

This mysterious vehicle is in addition to the Hummer EV truck that's already been announced.

GMC Electric Truck - teaser
Will this truck be called a Sierra, or something different? We don't know yet.

An EV revolution is underway at GM right now. A swarm of new battery-powered vehicles are under development, including a new all-electric GMC pickup… and I don't mean the upcoming Hummer EV truck.

Yep, GMC is hard at work on a second electric-powered pickup, which was confirmed on Monday during a media roundtable. Right now, almost nothing is known about this rig as representatives wouldn't confirm whether it will be called a Sierra (it would be pretty odd if it weren't), and they declined to comment on where the truck will be built -- and features, pricing and availability are, naturally, also complete mysteries at this point. The only real tidbit of information the automaker shared about the vehicle is how big it's going to be. According to Duncan Aldred, GMC global vice president, "It will be a full-size pickup," bad news if you were pining for an all-electric Canyon or something smaller than that.

Curiously, even the teaser rendering GMC shared is not representative of the final truck; it was only for illustrative purposes. According to a company spokesman, it's just a Sierra underneath a sheet and is not at all representative of the final product, which is probably a good thing, given its awkwardly towering hood and strange cab shape. Setting it apart from its blockier-looking stablemate, this enigmatic truck will be quite different from its Hummer counterpart, which promises insane levels of off-road capability. GMC's second electric pickup will likely be much more mainstream, probably like the Ford F-150 Lightning. Accordingly, it should appeal to completely different customers.

Speaking of the Lightning, when asked whether they were surprised by its features or aggressive pricing (it starts at around $40,000) Aldred said, "No, no real surprises there… from a GMC point of view." Perhaps GMC is aiming to undercut that price or offer more range and features for the same outlay. But whatever it's doing, it's shrouded in secrecy and we'll just have to wait until the automaker reveals more.

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