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GM vehicles without built-in navigation gain with Maps Plus rollout

Owners with an OnStar subscription for 2018 and newer vehicles will see the feature automatically.

GM Maps Plus
A one-stop system for navigation.
General Motors

General Motors is pushing built-in navigation to a boatload of cars that left the factory without the feature after it announced its new Maps Plus navigation system on Monday. In any 2018 or newer Chevy, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle without built-in navigation, Maps Plus provides all the benefits. 

The automaker said its new system is meant to be a one-stop-shop for navigation, though it's a tough sell when Apple CarPlay and Android Auto exist. Nevertheless, Maps Plus bundles Amazon's Alexa voice assistant to control everything in the system's integrated audio apps, embedded speed limit alerts and a single search box to cover anything drivers want to find. Low fuel alerts can also route drivers to the nearest gas station to top off before they hit the road again, and the system consistently reads real-time traffic reports to find the quickest routes. Shortcuts and favorite locations are all customizable, too.

This isn't a totally free update, however. Maps Plus comes with applicable OnStar plans starting at the App Access plan. It's $15 a month, though it includes a host of other features for owners to take advantage of. People who are already subscribed will start to see the Maps Plus feature roll out on April 30. Future subscribers after that date will also receive access. Navigation is a godsend in any car, and Maps Plus feels like a comprehensive system. Whether it and the other features bundled for $15 a month or more are worth it over the use of a smartphone mirroring systems is for you to decide.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated Maps Plus was available starting with the Connected Vehicle OnStar plan. It's available with the App Access plan and higher and the story reflects this information.