GM is spending big bucks on full-size truck production for the second time in 2019

The General is making it rain $150 million to boost full-size truck production in its Flint, Michigan, facility.

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The General is spending big bucks expanding production at its Flint, Michigan, truck factory.


has been pouring all kinds of money into its full-size pickup line. A big part of that has been bringing GM pickup tech up to the cutting edge, both from a powertrain and engineering standpoint and an electrical architecture standpoint. People are excited, and demand is increasing, so that means the General is going to have to invest more money in production.

According to an announcement by GM Wednesday, that's precisely what it's doing. It plans to sink $150 million into its Flint, Michigan, truck assembly plant. This big spending is the second such cash infusion that GM has given its full-size truck lines in 2019 alone and it's meant to allow more heavy-duty truck production volume for crew cab models and diesels.

"We have tremendous opportunities to grow our heavy-duty pickup business, because we've invested in capability, performance, innovation and capacity," GM President Mark Reuss said in a statement.

GM has invested around $1.6 billion in its Flint plant since 2013 and it's a major employment center for the area. The Flint plant will see an influx of around 1,000 new jobs, bringing the plant's workforce to approximately 5,000 people.

GM says the plant will be capable of producing around 40,000 GMC and Chevrolet trucks per year once its upgrades are complete in the early part of 2020.

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