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GM to invest more than $30 million in Pontiac Stamping plant

General Motors today said it will invest more than $30 million in its Pontiac Stamping plant.

The Pontiac Stamping plant will make sheet metal for the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic that will be built at the nearby General Motors Orion Assembly plant. Pontiac also will make stampings for use in the Buick Verano that goes into production later this year. GM

General Motors is investing more than $30 million of investment in its Pontiac Stamping plant to retool and enhance manufacturing equipment, and 290 hourly and salaried jobs at the 79-year-old plant.

The enhancements will include upgrading three conventional press lines already operating at the plant and the installation of two additional presses that are part of the company's stamping consolidation project, GM said today in a press release.

Pontiac Stamping provides parts to the new Chevrolet Sonic and the new Buick Verano, among other products.

"GM continues to invest in our manufacturing operations to ensure we have the technology and equipment we need to build whatever our vehicle designers develop," said Gerald Johnson, GM manufacturing manager. "Orion Assembly is the primary customer for Pontiac Stamping and we know how important the launch of the Chevrolet Sonic and Buick Verano are to our customers."