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Alan Poizner

GM to invest $61 million in Spring Hill assembly plant

General Motors announced it will invest $61 million and create 685 jobs for flexible operation at the Spring Hill assembly plant.

General Motors employee Ray Smith works on a subassembly of A-pillars for the Chevrolet Traverse at the GM Spring Hill plant. Alan Poizner/GM

General Motors has announced it will invest $61 million to update equipment in its Spring Hill, Tenn., assembly plant and retool the facility.

According to the automaker, the plant is being retooled for new products and will be capable of producing a variety of products. The investment will also create 594 hourly jobs and 91 salaried positions.

The Spring Hill plant will begin production of the Chevrolet Equinox in the second half of 2012. Power train and stamping operations for the Chevrolet Traverse are still operating at the plant.

GM will also invest $183 million for midsize vehicles to be built at Spring Hill at some point in the future. This investment will create an additional 1,090 hourly and 106 salaried positions, GM said in a press release.

"Our No. 1 priority in auto negotiations this year was jobs," UAW President Bob King said in a press release. "We asked the company to bring jobs back to America, and that's what this collective bargaining agreement represents. Together, we are bringing 1,800 jobs to Tennessee, and a total of 6,400 new GM jobs, which translates to nearly 60,000 good, auto-related jobs in the United States."

General Motors employee Mike Rice works on the Chevrolet Traverse along the assembly line at the GM Spring Hill plant. Alan Poizner/GM