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GM opens new state-of-the-art diesel engine plant in Rayong, Thailand

General Motors on Friday opened a new $200 million diesel engine plant in Rayong, Thailand. The plant is GM's most significant power-train investment in Southeast Asia to date.

The new 54,275-square-meter facility is GM's first diesel engine plant in Southeast Asia and the first in the world to produce a new family of Duramax four-cylinder diesel engines. GM

General Motors just opened a new $200 million, diesel engine plant in Rayong, Thailand.

The new engine plant, which is adjacent to the GM's vehicle manufacturing plant, will employ 500 workers and have the capability to manufacture about 120,000 engines per year.

GM expects to source $94 million worth of Thai-built components for the production of engines at its Rayong facility by 2012, the company said in a press release.

The first engines to be manufactured at the facility are for the new Chevy Colorado pickup. GM revealed the Colorado Show pickup at the Bangkok International Motor Show earlier this year, calling Thailand "the world's largest market for midsize pickups."

"GM is committed to growing our footprint and business throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia," GM Southeast Asia President Martin Apfel said in a press release. "Our engine plant will enable us to deliver on our promise of bringing cleaner, more efficient and higher-performance diesel engine technology to our customers."

"Producing engines locally strengthens our commitment to the development of a strong Thai automotive industry, which can help guide the growth of the entire Southeast Asian region. It is also a sign of the excellent talent in the local industry and our faith in their capability." Apfel added.

The new power-train plant will have the ability to switch between production of 2.5-liter and 2.8-liter engine variants to keep up with consumer demand of the popular pickups. GM