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GM opens engine plant in Uzbekistan

GM and its local joint-venture partner UzAvtosanoat today opened a new state-of-the-art engine plant in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The first engines produced at the plant, starting this month, will be installed in the Chevrolet Spark mini car. GM

General Motors today announced the opening of an assembly plant in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. GM opened the power-train plant with local venture partner UzAvtosanoat.

According to the automaker, facility is GM's first engine plant in the Central Asian country. The plant is tasked with producing more than 225,000 new fuel-efficient Ecotec 1.2L and 1.5L engines for use in GM small passenger cars.

The new plant will produce finished machined components such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, and crankshafts. The plant has been equipped with the latest technology and has the flexibility to switch between production of engine variants in line to accommodate consumer demand, GM said in a press release.

"GM is committed to growing our manufacturing footprint throughout Central Asia," said GM International Operations Vice President of Manufacturing and Labor John Buttermore in the press release. "Through our strong partnership with the Uzbekistan government and UzAvtosanoat, this engine plant will enable us to deliver on our promise of providing a broader range of small, fuel-efficient engines to our customers around the world."

GM's new assembly plant covers 25 acres and will employ up to 1,200 workers. GM