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GM: No Volt variations before 2015

Automotive News reports on GM's plans to use the Volt series hybrid power train in other models.

Automotive News

General Motors has said it is likely to do more vehicles that use the Chevrolet Volt's plug-in hybrid power train. But GM Europe chief Nick Reilly says they won't appear until after 2015.

"We won't do it with this generation, and that will run to 2015," Reilly said at the Frankfurt auto show. "You'd have to wait until after that until you see it."

That's partially because of the slow ramp-up of production of the Volt and sibling Opel Ampera, but also because the first-generation technology is expensive, Reilly said.

He said GM expects to reduce sharply the cost of the Volt's battery, now estimated at about $8,000, for the next generation.

(Source: Automotive News)