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Watch GM Korea workers trash CEO's office after bonuses are withheld

It's like Office Space, but they don't stop with the printer.

Most of us have had fantasies of trashing our boss's office over news we don't like (sorry, Tim), but some GM workers in Korea made them reality. Pro tip: Don't do that.

Upon hearing that bonuses would be withheld due to recent financial squeezes, GM's union workers in Korea stormed the CEO's office and trashed the place. You can see the mayhem in the video above, published Thursday and spotted by Bloomberg, which involves several impressively large desks.

Nobody was injured, but GM Korea noted the "violent incident" in a statement and said that it had notified the police of the carnage. Legal action is all but guaranteed to follow, and something tells me that's going to hurt more than the lack of a bonus.

GM has suffered pretty dismal sales in Korea this year. Its March sales were down 58 percent this year, following a 48 percent drop in February's year-over-year figures. The automaker has asked the local union for concessions to help shore up its finances, but nothing has been approved yet. GM said in late March that it may file for bankruptcy if concessions aren't agreed upon by April 20.