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General Motors mulling the possibility of a resurrected electric Hummer, report says

With an eye toward the competition from Jeep, Rivian, Tesla and others, could GM bring Hummer back with a new high-voltage heart?

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Looking back at the Hummer H2, it's kind of hard to see why it went away in the first place, right?
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General Motors killed off the Hummer brand back in 2010 for lots of reasons, but increasingly stringent fuel economy requirements coupled with skyrocketing gas prices were high among them. Now though, according to a Bloomberg report Monday, GM may be considering reviving the brand.

Here's the catch, if resurrected, Hummer would likely be a luxury electric truck and SUV brand that could compete with the likes of Rivian or Tesla's long-promised pickup truck. On the surface of things, an electrified Hummer seems weird, but in the long term, it makes a fair bit of sense.

First, turning the image of the brand around -- from being a gas-guzzling sign of excess into the cutting edge of GM's plans for an electric future is a narrative that people can get behind. The brand's famously boxy and utilitarian style would still work today -- look at the Jeep Gladiator or the Mercedes G-Wagen.

If GM decides to go through with bringing the Hummer brand back, it likely won't be for quite a while. Currently, the brand is working on a next-generation battery electric platform for its smaller vehicles that it's calling BEV3. A larger, truck-size platform will likely come after that, and we'd expect to see electric models from extant GM brands before the company starts to dig into its back catalog.

GM representatives didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

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