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GM just appointed its first global chief marketing officer since 2012

Deborah Wahl is making the jump from Cadillac, where she served as CMO.

Deborah Wahl has done stints at Cadillac, Chrysler, Lincoln-Mercury, Lexus and Toyota as well as McDonalds.
Getty Images

Did you know that General Motors hasn't had a global chief marketing officer since 2012? That sounds nuts, right? A company that's as large and complex as GM should totally have someone steering all of the various sub-brand's marketing efforts.

Well, according to a report published Thursday by Automotive News, now it does. GM  has appointed former Cadillac marketing boss Deborah Wahl to the job, and it's a big jump for someone who has only been with GM for a little over a year.

Before her coming onboard at Cadillac, Wahl did a three-year stint at McDonald's, and before that she served as CMO at Chrysler from 2007 to 2008. She has also spent time at Lexus, Lincoln-Mercury and Toyota.

"By aligning marketing across GM under Deborah's leadership, we will build stronger brands while ensuring more effective, efficient and agile customer engagement," said GM CEO and Chairperson Mary Barra, in a memo to GM employees.

Wahl didn't shake much up at Cadillac, opting to keep using the brand's primary marketing agency Rokkan, and it's expected that she'll keep on keeping on with the main agencies for GM's other brands.

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