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GM gears EN-V for urban environments

Web video of General Motors' new EN-V concept car. GM's Chris Borroni-Bird explains how the zero-emission vehicle will change transportation in the future.

Artist's rendering of the Xiao (Laugh) version of the EN-V General Motors

The first time we saw General Motors' EN-Vconcept vehicle was a couple of weeks ago when it was unveiled in Shanghai, China.

In this YouTube video, Chris Borroni-Bird, director of EN-V program, explains how GM designed the vehicle to change the way urban dwellers get around the city.

EN-V's platform evolved from the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility prototype that  Segway developed--it even looks like a Segway in a bubble. Segway and GM partnered to develop and deliver multiple copies of the drivetrain platform that seamlessly connect to and power the various EN-Vs, according to a GM news release.

The EN-V is propelled by electric motors in each of its two driving-mode wheels. Lithium ion batteries power the motors, which produce no emissions.

The vehicle combines a GPS  with vehicle-to-vehicle communications and distance-sensing technologies so that the EN-V concept can be driven manually and autonomously. This capability offers the promise of reducing traffic congestion by allowing EN-V to automatically select the fastest route based on real-time traffic information.

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