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GM will make EV motor components in New York with $154 million investment

The GM Lockport Components plant will add electric motor stators to its list of components manufactured for numerous vehicles.

GM EV motor stator
Here's the part in all its glory.
General Motors

General Motors will soon make electric vehicle motor parts in western New York. On Friday, the automaker announced a $154 million investment in the Lockport Components plant, which will bring EV motor stators to the plant's production lines. The stator is a stationary part within the motor's rotary system. It creates a magnetic field to help drive the rotating armature. Essentially, it's a crucial component for any electric motor.

The millions of dollars will be spent to renovate the facility and bring in new machinery to produce these stators for upcoming electric vehicles. It will be yet another component built at the New York-based facility. Today, the Lockport plant builds radiators, HVAC modules and a number of other parts for new vehicles. The additional product at the facility will also see approximately 230 new jobs at the plant by 2026 on top of the 1,500 employed there today.

The news follows a number of high profile investment GM plans to make to build future electric cars, and batteries, here in the US. The automaker will operate at least three battery plants with LG Chem in the US, while production of its next-generation EVs, built on the Ultium platform, will take place at factories in Michigan and Tennessee.

The renovations will begin immediately, while a timetable for when stator production will come online will be available at a later date, GM said.