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GM rolls out seamless EV charging across multiple networks

Named Ultium Charge 360, the new service aims to make charging one of the automaker's EVs a breeze.

Plugging in should be simple under Ultium Charge 360.

"Keep it simple" is the ethos behind General Motors' Ultium Charge 360, a new charging ecosystem from the automaker that makes for seamless charging across numerous networks. The company said on Wednesday the platform supports seven of the major charging station networks in the US, including ChargePoint, EV Connect, EVgo and more.

Through an Ultium Charge 360 smartphone app, owners of future Chevy, Buick, GMC and Cadillac EVs will be able to locate a charging station on the network, unlock a plug and pay for a charging session. Today, there are 60,000 stations the network supports. However, GM and EVgo plan to add 2,700 DC fast-charging stations available in the US over the next five years, based on a previous collaborative effort announced last year. The first of many are now operational in Washington, California and Florida, with the first 500 set to come online by the end of this year.

GM plans to continue working with EV charging companies to further expand access and said additional updates will come in the future.