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Giant butt-shaped aircraft crashes because butts weren't meant to fly

The world's apparently largest aircraft crashed during a test flight in England. But all the internet could see was that it looks like a heinie.

The Airlander 10, before it sat down on the job.
Hybrid Air Vehicles

An aircraft crashed during a test flight in England on Wednesday, but who cares about that, let's make a butt joke!

Do you see it? OK, let's continue.

The vehicle, called the Airlander 10, apparently had a "heavy landing" during a test flight according to The Huffington Post, which caught wind of the accident and posted some compromising photos. Hybrid Air Vehicles, which constructed the Airlander, said it flew for 100 minutes before things went awry.

The front of the aircraft and its flight deck apparently sustained "some damage," the company said in a statement. Hybrid Air Vehicles also denied reports the vehicle struck a pole, which would have made the headline for this story much more interesting. "Both pilots and the ground crew are safe and well and the aircraft is secured and stable at its normal mooring location."

Lest you fear this is the end for the Airlander 10, the company plans to continue its development.

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