Auto Tech

Getting creative with Hummer SUVs

Today's video is a slideshow tribute to the myriad snazzy and wild looks you can get with a Hummer SUV.

I'm sure by now most of you readers know that the Hummer brand was taken off of General Motors' hands by a heavy industrial machinery company in China, and that means that Hummer will no longer be produced by GM here in the United States. I suspect that a majority of readers here probably think that Hummer shouldn't let its ass hit the door on the way out, but there are a select few of us who appreciate the famous box on wheels for not just its easily recognizable style, but also for its ability to be styled and transformed into an owner's unique vision for his prized vehicle.

Since last week's final blog featured Web video of Hummers being wrecked and trashed, I thought I'd start off this week on a fun, positive vibe (after all, it is Monday, right?) with a fun little slideshow video highlighting just some of myriad things one can do to customize and stylize their Hummer into either a work of art or simply a chick magnet. Some of these are brilliant and beautiful, others are gaudy or outright silly. Regardless, most of it is at least amusing, so have fun with it and welcome to the working week!