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Get ready for CNET On Cars!

A new show from CNET all about cars and tech, hosted by Brian Cooley. Starting September 4, we'll drive the latest cars, show you what's next in car tech and, as always, tell it like it is.

About eight years ago our team here inside CNET was, shall we say, divided over the prospect of covering cars. A number of smart people asked if cars made sense on a site that focuses on tech. Nobody asks that question any more.

We've brought you more than 1,100 car videos since then, and on September 4, we take the next step: a new show called CNET On Cars, where we'll expand on our mutual love of cars and their technology. I think this is the most exciting, world-changing aspect of technology -- but I'm biased!

Every other week, we'll bring you:

  • On The Road in a cool car from the CNET garage
  • Car Tech 101, demonstrating a key car technology and why you should care
  • On Cars Top 5 putting the best of cars and tech in order
  • Smarter Driver shows you how to leverage the tech in a new car or your car
  • Cars of the Future, what we envisioned then, and now

And, of course, I'll do all this in the same real-world, no-B.S. style you've come to expect.

Here's a taste of what's coming in the first few episodes:

  • A list of five cars you can afford that will scare the hell out of the guy next to you at a stop light
  • A head-to-head comparison of two hot German four-door coupes -- neither is the Panamera!
  • We'll walk the line of an auto plant that does what no other pulls off
  • Behind the scenes at the restoration shop behind many of the cars at Pebble Beach
  • A full-throttle report on why IndyCar technology makes it the American Formula One

The show debuts Tuesday, September 4, with a new episode posting every other week here on CNET TV, as well as the other streaming platforms where you find CNET video, from the palm of your hand to the cushions of your sofa. Join us for the ride.