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Genovation Cars Partners pens battery-pack deal with K2 Energy Solutions

Genovation Cars announces it has signed a deal with K2 Energy Solutions to use K2's battery packs in Genovation's line of electric automobiles.

Genovation Cars

Genovation Cars announced it has penned a deal with K2 Energy Solutions to use K2's battery packs in the G2 line of electric automobiles.

Genovation's G2 concept model, designed by Tata Technologies, incorporates the K2 battery pack. The Dana Holding Corporation designed the G2's Thermal Management System to include the K2 battery pack as part of an integrated component, the company said.

K2's engineers have created battery systems based on a lithium iron phosphate cathode material. The company says these batteries are safe, economical, and "ideal for the large-format systems required for electric vehicle and energy storage applications."

"We are very pleased to be working with K2 Energy to develop the battery packs for our electric automobiles," said Genovation CEO Andrew Saul. "We did an extensive search and we came to the conclusion that K2's green, energy-dense, and safe lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery packs are perfect for our needs."