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Geneva Motor Show 2014: Porsche 919 Hybrid

For too long, Audi has dominated Le Mans. Peugeot gave up trying to beat the German giants, Toyota has tried and thus far failed. Porsche's been away from Le Mans for a while, but if there's any company that knows how to kick ass at la Sarthe, it's Porsche.

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Porsche's newest take on Le Mans is the wonderfully named 919 Hybrid. It's powered by a V-4 engine, has a KERS like you get on an F1 car, and has a system called AER that uses the car's exhaust gasses to generate more power. It's full of tech and it has its sights set on breaking through Audi's four rings.

Porsche is taking on Toyota with its choice of fuel -- petrol, while the Audi team will be sticking to its tried and tested superefficient, mega-torquey diesel hybrids this year.

Porsche first got involved at Le Mans in 1951; in its first year there it won its class. After that...pretty much every time the chaps form Stuttgart entered the race, they came away with some kind of silverware.

This time, 16 years after the company last entered, the team behind the wheel consists of people who know Porsche inside out, and a former F1 ace. You'll hear more about this car very soon.