Hyundai's Genesis rolls into NY with brand spankin' new concept

The New York Concept will signal the next direction in design for Hyundai's luxury offshoot.

Make no mistake -- it's a looker.


Hyundai split Genesis off into its own brand in November, and it's already unveiled two vehicles in the new G90 (formerly Equus) and the not-so-new G80 (formerly Genesis). But that's not enough for the growing brand, which is now rolling out a concept that heralds a new design language.

Genesis will unveil the New York Concept at -- you guessed it -- the 2016 New York International Auto Show. The teaser video doesn't supply too much information, but the image that came along with it gives us a pretty solid look at the car's front end.

While you may recognize the hexagonal grille shape from previous Hyundai Genesis vehicles, the rest of the front end has a decidedly more premium look. The headlights are about as slim as possible, and the lower end of the front fascia is much sharper, almost BMW-like in its execution.

Of course, being a concept, plenty of things you'll find on the car aren't likely to make it to production. We'll get a much better, in-person look at the New York Concept next week at the Javits Center.