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Genesis GV80's little brother comes into focus

Genesis has another luxury SUV coming up, called the GV70, and this one will slot below the GV80 to do battle in a very competitive segment.

Genesis GV70 teaser
Here comes the GV70.

Genesis was supposed to have two new vehicles in its showrooms by this time, those being the GV80 SUV and G80 sedan, but the coronavirus threw a wrench in those plans. While the Korean luxury brand works to launch both vehicles, it's not letting up on its future vehicles, either. On Monday, the brand showed off the GV70 for the first time, which will sit below the GV80 as a compact luxury SUV offering.

The segment is a hot one with a bushel of automakers vying for buyers interested in an SUV with premium appointments. We're talking vehicles like the BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q5, Cadillac XT4 and so many others that want a piece of the small luxury SUV pie. The GV70 will be an incredibly new kid on the block, but if it follows in the GV80's footsteps, it should have a very good shot at success.

Genesis GV70 teaser

Looks a lot like a baby GV80.


I say that because the GV80 has so far impressed two of my Roadshow colleagues. Craig Cole had a go in a Korean-spec model before COVID-19 was a household name, and Genesis treated Chris Paukert to a hands-on preview minus the chance to drive. In both cases, the conversations surrounding the design and driving behavior were positive.

And right now there's no reason not to think this won't be a baby GV80. The design is strikingly similar, even with the striped camouflage all over. The big Superman grille sits front and center, while slashes of light emit from the headlights and taillights just like the GV80. Genesis calls this "Athletic Elegance," and I think it works.

With these official preview shots out in the wild, Genesis likely has a lot more to share in the months to come. Hopefully, the GV80 will actually be on sale by the time we see the SUV's little brother debut.

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