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Genesis race car concepts preview a potential motorsport future

Though they're only for Gran Turismo right now, Genesis seems keen to take race cars to real-world tracks.

Luxury, meet motorsport.

It sure sounds like Genesis wants to go racing. But, first it's revealed a digital interpretation of its G70 race car: the Genesis G70 GR4 concept. The brand showed the concept off in physical form on Friday Aug. 13, thanks to support from Gran Turismo. In addition to the G70 GR4 concept, the company also showed off the GR3 concept, based on a Genesis X coupe concept.

The brand didn't divulge a whole lot about these concept cars, so it's safe to assume the standard GR4 and GR3 fixings are all on tap. GR4 vehicles, at least in Gran Turismo Sport where the G70 GR4 will live, is more about modified machines. Think production cars fitted with every last modification with the drivability for beginners. GR3 machines take inspiration from the real world with FIA GT3 class builds. This is where serious aero modifications come into play, wide body kits, weight reduction and more power. The GR3 concept definitely looks the part.

Genesis didn't come out and say it directly, but these concepts "explore the brand's motorsport future" and preview upcoming motorsport designs. Where does Genesis want to go racing? That's not clear yet, but the world can never have too many race cars.