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Genesis intends to bring Essentia Coupe concept to production, report says

It's a damned gorgeous concept, so let's hope the production version is the same.

It appears that Roadshow was not the only group of people smitten with Genesis' stunning Essentia concept. Evidently, demand was high enough to convince Genesis to adopt it for production.

Genesis intends to bring the Essentia from the concept phase to actual production, Motor Trend reports, citing a conversation with Erwin Raphael, Genesis North America's executive director. According to MT, it won't be a mass-market car, but rather a limited-edition vehicle with a price tag to match its exclusivity.

"We are very committed to the Essentia," Raphael told Motor Trend. "We love the car. We think the car will do very well."

As with other concepts that eventually make it to production, Motor Trend's report says to expect some concessions with the Essentia, such as the "billionaire doors," which would likely be replaced with more traditional ones. The interior would likely shift toward something closer to Genesis' current design language, as well, but some of its more arresting features could stick around to intrigue high-dollar buyers.

Don't expect this to happen anytime soon, though. Raphael didn't provide Motor Trend with a firm timeline, but he did tell the outlet that it could enter production in the early part of the next decade. Genesis has lacked a coupe since parent company Hyundai discontinued the Genesis Coupe in 2016.

The Essentia blew minds when it debuted at the 2018 New York Auto Show. Sporting carbon fiber body panels, razor-thin lights and a shapely form that's less Genesis and more Minority Report, it shows that Hyundai's luxurious spinoff is ready to carve its own path as it ramps up the fight against its staid German competition. Personally, I hope that the concept's dash-spanning screen makes it to production -- one can never have enough digital real estate.