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General Motors guts CES plans to show electric car

CEO Mary Barra was supposed to deliver a keynote speech, but that's not happening anymore.

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GM CEO Mary Barra

It's not clear what Barra was going to show off, specifically, but it's dead for now.

General Motors

General Motors will not have a space or much of a presence at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, but that wasn't always the case.

Plans for CEO Mary Barra to deliver a keynote address have been scrapped, with the automaker sending a limited presence to the biggest tech event in the US. Most of it will revolve around the automaker's OnStar division.

The automaker told Roadshow in a statement, "There was a plan for GM to have a presence at CES 2020, but plans changed and while we will still support the event, our overall involvement has been reduced from our original plans." A representative would not speak directly to what Barra was scheduled to discuss.

Axios reported Friday that Barra was meant to show off one of GM's upcoming electric cars at the event in prototype form. This would be in line with past moves since GM used CES to unveil the Chevrolet Bolt EV years ago. The automaker placed a CES debut for its first mass-market EV even over the Detroit Auto Show that year.

As for why the plans were gutted, the UAW-GM strike is to blame. After the six-week-long work stoppage, there's supposedly not enough time to have the prototype electric vehicle ready.

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