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Gazelle Ultimate C380 Plus HMB isn't your average e-bike

The C380 Plus HMB has a robust set of features that set it apart from other commuter e-bikes.

Gazelle has been making bikes for nearly 130 years. And oddly enough, the Dutch company's been selling electric bikes since 1937. Those first bikes had a range of 24 miles, a top speed of 11 mph and they weighed a whopping 110 pounds. A lot's changed since then, and the C380 Plus HMB is the company's latest creation.

This bike has a huge list of features that differentiate it from typical hybrid commuter e-bikes. Gazelle says the e-bike's drive belt doesn't require routine maintenance, unlike a chain. On top of that, the Enviolo 380 Trekking continuously variable gearing makes shifting easier than ever before. All told, this bike weighs 62 pounds and its electric motor offers 63 pound-feet of torque. Depending on terrain, rider weight and ride mode, Gazelle says the Ultimate C380 Plus can go up to 42 miles on a charge.

There's plenty more to talk about with this bike, so come along as I take it for a spin in the video above.