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Garmin, Volkswagen 'Click & Ride' together

Volkswagen and Garmin team up to create the Volkswagen "Click & Ride" GPS specifically for Volkswagen owners worldwide.

Volkswagen and Garmin have teamed up to create Click & Ride, an integrated GPS system made exclusively for VW vehicles. The system is based on the Garmin Nuvi 7X5 Series of portable navigation devices and features a cradle that connects the device to the vehicle.

Click & Ride is similar to the Garmin integration that we saw in the 2009 Suzuki SX4, with the GPS unit being charged by the car's power supply while its audio is routed through the car's stereo system. The device features a 4.3-inch color touch screen, text-to-speech, lane assist, and traffic services with the ability to route around congestion.

Like previous Garmin OEM solutions (Volvo, Suzuki), we suspect the unit comes preloaded with Volkswagen dealer locations, as well. However, this hasn't been explicitly stated.

The Suzuki system featured a trick pop-up door, a feature we liked because it allowed the unit to be left in the car for a short trips away from the vehicle, hidden from prying eyes. The VW Click & Ride will sit in the lower driver's side corner of the windshield to meet strict GPS device placement laws, so doesn't allow the hide away option. Fortunately, the Click & Ride switches to pedestrian mode when removed from the crade, so at least it continues to be useful outside of the vehicle.

Pricing has not yet been confirmed, but we're sure this dealer-installed option shouldn't cost too much more than the Nuvi 755T's $400 suggested retail price.