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Garmin guides you to giant coffee pots and tiny churches offers a downloadable guide for Garmin GPS devices to the weirdest places in the country.

Cadillac Ranch
The Cadillac Ranch is one of the many roadside attractions in's guide. Flickr user waxhawian

Sure, your GPS guides you to gas stations, hotels, and restaurants, but how about the world's largest light bulb? Or a drive-through tree? Or the famous Cadillac Ranch in Texas? is now selling a $20 guide to these types of sights that integrates with Garmin GPS devices.

The Attractions and Oddities guide is a set of over 5,000 add-on points of interest that can be downloaded directly to a Garmin navigation device. The guide points out roadside attractions in all 50 states, complete with photos and categories. has been cataloging strange sites around the country for years, and gets many comments and updates from users. With categories such as Muffler Men, Pet Cemeteries, Big Coffee Pots, and Tiny Churches, it is one of the odder, but most entertaining, travel guides around.

Garmin offers a number of different add-ons for its GPS devices, with Fodor Travel and AA guides and maps of scenic routes.