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GaragePointer aims to be the Airbnb of garage sharing

Need more space for your cars, or looking to make a bit of cash with your extra space? This is what you're lookin' for.

Now, you can have enough space to store your Range Rover, your Ferrari, and your...old F-150?


Right now, if you have an extra bedroom or apartment, you can rent it out using a variety of services and make a bit of money in the process. But what if you have garage spaces that go equally unused? A new startup hopes to create a whole new side of the sharing economy with GaragePointer.

While anyone looking for a garage can reasonably sign up for and use the service, it appears the main idea behind GaragePointer is ensuring safe placement for car collectors, some of whom have far more cars than garage spaces.

Instead of getting a separate storage unit, you could theoretically find a garage for your car on your own block. After registering for the service, you can check locally for open garage spots, and after passing a renter-approval process, you'll store the car and arrange payment with the garage owner. So, yeah, it's the Airbnb of garage spaces.

Right now, GaragePointer is still in its infancy. This month, it will launch pilot programs in California, Washington and Oregon, for free. That pilot program will last 60 days, after which point the system will expand nationwide. While payment is largely a between-parties affair, GaragePointer will collect a flat $20 fee for each garage selection. Listing your space is and will continue to be free.

If you're one of those folks that has a garage so full it can't even fit a single car, consider this system a kick in the tuchus to clear that bad boy out so you can start making some side money, especially if you live in an area rich with interesting cars.