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Gap dresses up Vespa for the holidays

The limited-edition LX50 is striped to match a seasonal pattern offered in scarves, gloves, sweaters, leg warmers, and baby clothes at the clothing chain.

'Crazy Stripe' Vespa LX50 Gap/Piaggio USA

Here's something you don't see every day.

Gap has partnered with Piaggio, the maker of Vespa motor scooters, to offer a limited-edition LX50.

The Vespa is painted in the same colorful pattern that Gap is offering in scarves, gloves, sweaters, leg warmers, and baby clothes this season.

The $5,999 "Holiday Vehicle" is a bit more pricey than the $3,199 you'd likely pay for the standard LX50.

The pattern is called "Crazy Stripe." While it's adorable, I'm not so sure you'll still think so after the third kid stops to ask if you can get his letter to Santa when you return to your workshop.

Come to think of it, aren't these colors and the vehicle better suited for summer?

In other Vespa news, Piaggio has announced the winners of its Vespanomics video contest. Winning videos can be viewed on the Go Green Vespa Video Challenge Web site.