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Fujitsu's new car audio design kit has no CD player

Fujitsu Semiconductor America today introduced a new CD-less Audio Design Kit.

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The cassette tape player that replaced my first eight-track deck was out of this world. And the CD player that replaced the cassette player was like a dream. But now Fujitsu Semiconductor America has created a car audio design kit that has left the CD player out in the cold.

The CD-less Audio Design Kit is built around the Fujitsu MB9G711 SoC Series and is based on an ARM System-on-a-Chip (SoC) for audio systems that do not require a CD player. The kit has several options, such as support for MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA), Ogg Audio, and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) formats, radio tuner, Bluetooth, USB mass-storage, SD/SDHC Card, and iPod devices.

According to Fujitsu, "by eliminating the CD player, the design offers low-cost audio systems that require a minimum of power, fit into a small form factor, and are free from mechanical failure."

"A growing number of consumers have embraced digital devices as their preferred means of listening to audio," said Akio Nezu, senior manager of marketing, Fujitsu Semiconductor America. "The Fujitsu audio design kit based on the MB9G711 SoC enables car audio system designers to develop low-cost 'CD-less' sound systems with the robust digital playback and connectivity options consumers want. The solution allows consumers to enjoy digital audio files in their vehicles directly from their preferred MP3 players or devices equipped with USB, SD, or Bluetooth connectivity."

The CD-less Audio Design Kit will be sold in four configurations, starting at $3,500.