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Friday time-waster: The GTI Project

VW has created a slot car simulation that puts you behind the wheel of the new GTI.

VW GTI Project Screencap
If you thought the VW Golf GTI was small before, wait until you check out the GTI Project. Volkswagen

Volkswagen takes its fun, compact GTI and makes it even smaller in the new GTI Project Web game.

In the GTI Project, you find yourself behind the wheel of a Volkwagen GTI that's been reduced to the size of a slot car. VW's engineers demonstrate some of the GTI's performance prowess, then put you in control as you race around the track toward low lap times. Navigating the track is a single button affair. You control only the throttle in an attempt to go as quickly as possible without spinning off of the course.

GTI Project screen cap
Using only the throttle, drivers must go quickly without spinning off of the track. Volkswagen

There are neat touches, such as the giant engineer who puts the car back on course if you should fail, or the worldwide leaderboard that lets drivers see how they measure up globally.

As Web games go, the GTI Project is pretty simple, but it's definitely a great way to kill an hour. Check it out at