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Freeze! New Dodge SRT Demon teaser promises serious cooling

I'm beginning to think these teasers will never stop, even after the car debuts.


For the last 12 weeks, Dodge has teased its Challenger SRT Demon, a car that's set to unleash unparalleled drag-strip capability. This week's teaser is all about playing it cool -- literally.

Put the Demon in Drag mode, and Dodge's system will divert the interior air conditioning to chill the air coming into the engine. Dodge claims its "liquid-to-air charge air cooler chiller system" is the first for a production vehicle.

When it comes to shoving air into an engine, it should be relatively cold. Cold air is denser, and the more air entering the engine, the more fuel you can dump in. More fuel means more power, so you can see why Dodge's production drag car would sport a serious air-cooling system.

Dodge claims its system can reduce intake air temperature by 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which is huge, especially on a hot day at the drag strip. We'll get to see the Demon up close when it debuts on April 11 ahead of the New York Auto Show.