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Hoverboarding Jet Ski champ Franky Zapata is working on a high-performance flying car

Crossing the English Channel on a gas-turbine-powered hoverboard wasn't enough for the decidedly gnarly Frenchman.

If this dude is building a flying car, we're extremely here for that.


You'd think that if you were a 40-year-old French Jet Ski champion and had also managed to design and build a hoverboard (no, not this kind of hoverboard) that you flew across the English channel, you'd be ready to kick back, light a Gauloises and rest on your laurels while the powers that be contemplate re-rebooting Point Break based on your life.

But, if you're French inventor and all-around gnarly dude Franky Zapata that wouldn't be the case. In fact, according to a report Monday by Digital Trends, Zapata is already at work on building a performance-focused flying car.

Overachiever. Pfft.

In any case, Zapata's flying car is being designed to have a top speed somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 mph and a range of around 70 miles. The flying car has been under development in relative secrecy for a while now and shares much of the technology that was used in building his Flyboard Air hoverboard.

Zapata says his goal is to have the flying car ready by the end of the year, and he has already allegedly taken it for a spin around a test track at a very, very low altitude. He's currently waiting on approval from the French Civil Aviation Authority so he can take to the skies properly.

That test flight was done with four gas turbine engines, but Zapata reckons that the final version will have somewhere around 10. Other than that, tech specs are pretty thin on the ground, so it's looking increasingly like we'll have to keep an eye on Franky Z and his mad science if we want to find out more.

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