Formula Drift Championship in Sonoma

The Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma wasn't the only racing event going down at Infineon Raceway this last weekend. Formula D Drifting Championship held Round 6 of their Locked and Loaded event there this last Saturday, and we got some of that sweet drifting ac

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Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California is usually busy around this time of year, and this last weekend was no exception. While much of the attention was on the Indy Car Grand Prix race held on Sunday with commercials pimping such Indy Car stars as Danica Patrick (duh) and Helio Castroneves, the Formula Drift company had an event of its own at Infineon the night before featuring Round 6 of the Locked and Loaded series.

Formula D's "Locked and Loaded" was held on Saturday August 22 at Infineon Raceway, and based on the video here it looked like a lot of fun under the California sun in Sonoma. Most of the footage in this particular web video is from the practice runs earlier in the day prior to the actual drift competition (which was eventually won by Stephan Verdier), and from most video I've seen available online, the practice clips look even better than the footage from the race later that night. I know part of it is that I'm a sucker for the scenery and landscape in Sonoma, and in the light it's beauty is magnified even with squealing race car tires and smoking asphalt in the forefront. And this isn't just "seen one, seen em all" drifting - these guys are professionals. A couple highlights include the collision (or near collision) of two drifting vehicles as they take a turn around the 4:25 mark, and at the end of the video one drifter pushes his competition out to the grass in order to avoid getting hit.

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