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Forget Tesla, Ford turns to Team Edison for electric cars

Ford confirmed today that a new internal department, Team Edison, will oversee planning of new, purely electric cars in the automaker's lineup.


Bolstering Ford's previously announced plan to offer a 300-mile electric SUV by 2020, the company has formed an internal group to plan further electric vehicles. Dubbed Team Edison, the group will provide overall direction on electric car strategy, leveraging existing resources in the effort.

A report by Automotive News mentioned the name of the internal group, saying it would promote the production of future battery electric vehicles with in the company.

Electric vehicle adoption is getting a boost this year, thanks to the introduction of the 238-mile Chevrolet Bolt and the 220-mile Tesla Model 3, both with base prices in the mid-30s. In addition, the more affordable Volkswagen e-Golf and Hyundai Ioniq Electric each boast ranges approaching 150 miles. 

Ford currently offers an electric version of its Focus hatchback, along with a number of hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars. 

Said Deep, Global Communications Manager at Ford, said that the Detroit-based Team Edison "will orchestrate work with existing electrification teams in the regional business units and with engineering teams already working on Ford electrified vehicles."

The choice of the name "Team Edison" is appropriate, as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison became friends in 1896. However, the idea of a rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, Tesla Motors' namesake, became popular on the internet, provoking such things as an Epic Rap Battle between the two electricity pioneers.