Ford's new Mustang Power Wheels comes with freaking traction control

No better time to teach your kid about safety than when they're still too young to grasp it!

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

When Radio Flyer unveiled its Tesla Model S for Kids, I thought it was pretty advanced for a kid's toy. Now, and Power Wheels teamed up for a new ride-on Mustang, and it blows the Tesla out of the water.

Available in blue or pink, Fisher Price used actual Ford design data when it built this new Power Wheels. Its top speed is 5 mph, one less than the Radio Flyer Tesla, but with a retail price of $359.99, it's more than $100 cheaper.

It packs a computer-controlled powertrain called Smart Drive, which will likely make its way to other Power Wheels models in the future. It packs traction control, adjusting motor speeds after detecting wheel slip. If it's in danger of rolling over, it can cut power, too. The speed control is set with a backlit LED touchscreen, as well.

Just like the Radio Flyer Tesla, there's an auxiliary input that connects to a speaker, so kids can crank Drake or Veggie Tales or whatever the youth listens to nowadays. There's also a second sound system that pipes out real Mustang engine notes in response to vehicle speed. The Radio Flyer Tesla doesn't have engine noises. Although, I guess it kind of does, considering the big-boy Model S is entirely silent, as well.

The Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang hits retailers in December, which is just enough time for your kid to learn about its existence and incessantly beg you to buy one.