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Ford unveils new Verve concept in China

CNET Car Tech posts information on the new Verve concept shown by Ford in China.

Ford Verve concept
The new Ford Verve concept was unveiled in China. Ford

Do good things or bad things come in threes? Ford hopes for good, unveiling the second in a series of three Ford Verve concepts at the Auto Guangzhou show in China. Ford put its first Verve concept, a three-door hatchback, on the stage at this year's Frankfurt auto show. The new Verve concept is a four-door model, and Ford says it embodies its new "kinetic" design language, as did the earlier Verve concept. The center stack controls use a configuration similar to that found in the new Mondeo, although Ford designers also took cues from cell phone design. The third Verve concept will be shown at next year's Detroit auto show, in January. The entire Verve concept line is a precursor to a new global small car from Ford.